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The next evolution in the blockchain era. Offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional Bitcoin, Bitcoin-X (BITCOIN) is your gateway to innovative blockchain services.


Bitcoin-X (BITCOIN) represents a groundbreaking approach to cryptocurrency. Designed as a versatile token, it is accessible and poised for blockchain evolution. Our vision is to make blockchain services universally available, transcending the limitations of traditional Bitcoin. We are not just creating another cryptocurrency; we are redefining the way people interact with blockchain technology.

While traditional Bitcoin has become a symbol of high value and exclusivity, Bitcoin-X aims to democratize the digital currency space.


Bitcoin-X Project

Our project unites utility and security tokens, bringing them under one umbrella. The Bitcoin-X token is crafted by a talented team of French and Japanese developers, ensuring a blend of innovation and precision.

Innovation in Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin-X is at the forefront of blockchain innovation. Our project transcends traditional cryptocurrency boundaries by integrating advanced features like smart contract functionality and enhanced security protocols.

Community-Centric Governance

The Bitcoin-X Project is built on the principle of community-driven governance. Our governance tokens allow users to have a direct say in key decisions and policy developments.This participatory approach ensures that the Bitcoin-X ecosystem evolves.

Socially Responsible

Bitcoin-X is more than just a digital currency; it's a tool for social and environmental change. Our unique token system rewards eco-friendly practices and social responsibility, encouraging users to contribute positively to their communities.


Enhanced Accessibility

Democratizing Blockchain Access

Bitcoin-X (BITCOIN) breaks down the barriers to blockchain technology. We believe in making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial background. With BTX, users experience lower entry costs, making it a more inclusive digital asset compared to traditional cryptocurrencies.


Commitment to Sustainability

At the heart of Bitcoin-X lies a strong commitment to eco-responsibility. BITCOIN rewards users for sustainable practices like using renewable energy or recycling. Our eco-responsible reward token isn’t just a cryptocurrency; it's a step towards a greener future.


The Financial Blueprint of Bitcoin-X

Discover the strategic financial architecture behind Bitcoin-X in our Tokenomics section. Here, we unveil the carefully structured distribution and allocation of BTCOIN tokens, designed to ensure long-term sustainability and growth.












Launch Plan and Milestones

Community Engagement

Future Enhancements

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